Plastic surgery in Korea-Breast surgery: Y-line breast surgery

Y line breast surgery is combinations of breast implants and additional fat graft on cleavage area together to make ideal and perfect shape. Breast implants makes full curves and cleavage fat graft creates extra sexy Y line cleavage. The benefit of Y line breast surgery is to increase curve with natural shape and texture. Perfect ratio of the distance between two breasts is 3 cm, and simple breast implants can’t fill the gap between breasts. Therefore, Y line breast surgery is exclusive plastic surgery to make the attractive and perfect breasts. Y line breast surgery is personalised breast implants with more curves and beauty. It looks very attractive and natural, and has great texture.

Y line breast surgery usually takes an hour, and a week of recovery time. Y line breast surgery almost has leaves no scars and no pain. It is important to have a consultation with specialists, and choose a high skilled doctor with many experience. 

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